GWP 3024-18-00

Widening/Reconstruction of Approximately 55 km of Highway 401 (Addition of One Lane in the Median in Each Direction) and Construction of a Concrete Median Barrier
TESR Review and Initiate Detail Design Group B Class EA

This Group Work Project includes the widening of Highway 401 (addition of one lane in the median in each direction) from 1.8 km west of Merlin Road to the Chatham-Kent/Elgin County Boundary. In addition, median concrete tall wall barrier and a storm sewer system will be installed throughout the limits. Associated drainage, bridge, and culvert improvements will also be undertaken to facilitate the highway widening, including the replacement of the CSX Overhead Bridges, widening of 8 structures, replacement of eight structural culverts, and extension of 13 structural culverts.

Timing for construction is subject to funding and approvals.

Construction staging and traffic management will be confirmed during the design process. Temporary lane and interchange ramp closures will be required to facilitate construction of the proposed improvements.

Existing median emergency turn-arounds will not be available during or after construction, as the concrete median barrier will be installed. Advance notice of closures (lane, ramp, etc.) will be distributed to local municipalities and emergency service providers.

Motorists and commercial haulers traveling through the study area may experience temporary delay or disruption during construction. Advanced signage of construction on Highway 401 will be provided.


  • Project Initiation
  • Field Investigations
  • Consultation
  • Class EA and Design
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete


Ongoing stakeholder consultation will take place throughout the Preliminary and Detail Design and Class EA Study process.

The Consultation Plan includes (dates subject to change):

  • Notice of Study Commencement (Late November 2019)
  • Consultation with regulatory agencies (Ongoing)
  • Communication with Indigenous communities and Métis groups (Ongoing)
  • Communication with directly affected property owners, residents, and businesses in the study area (Ongoing)
  • Meetings with agencies to discuss issues related to the project activities (Spring/Summer 2020)
  • Preparation of a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) Addendum and 30-day public review, if required (Autumn 2020)
  • Ongoing opportunity to submit comments and feedback throughout design

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Adjacent Ministry Projects

One additional Ministry contract is located adjacent to the study limits:

Highway 401 Expansion from 0.55 km East of Essex Road 42 to 1.8 km West of Merlin Road. The project teams for each of these projects will coordinate throughout the study. Project Reference: GWP 3034-19-00. Click here to visit the adjacent project’s website.

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